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Tile Flooring Store in Fernley, NV

Crafted for creativity and longevity, tile is a longstanding favorite for both homes and public spaces. Beyond looking stylish, tile offers a range of benefits. It's water-repellent, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and can last for decades. Royal Carpet One Floor & Home in Fernley, Nevada, is your local source for stylish wall and floor tiles. Whether you want a custom tile shower, backsplash, new kitchen floor, or more, we have a product that you'll love. With an impressive inventory of unique tile types, textures, colors, and patterns, we can help you create a vast array of beautiful styles.


Types of Tile

As the tile industry continues to expand, selecting a tile that's right for you can seem overwhelming. It's always smart to consider the unique attributes and benefits of different tile types, considering that some are better suited for specific settings than others. Here are the three most widespread tile types and what you should know: 


Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay, sand, and other materials that are fired together in a kiln. Ceramic is typically the lightest of the tile types and frequently used for wall tiles and backsplash materials. A gorgeous ceramic mosaic tile creates the perfect backdrop for your kitchen and bathroom space. Ceramic wall tiles also help protect your walls from moisture, stains, and other forms of damage. 


Meanwhile, porcelain tiles are made similarly to ceramic, but with denser clays and fired at higher temperatures. The result is an extra durable and waterproof surface that's perfect for floor tiles. Porcelain is often too heavy for vertical applications, so you won't find it used on walls as frequently. White porcelain tile is a classic option for kitchens and hallways, including in busy commercial environments. You can even use some porcelain products in outdoor settings. It should also be noted that many modern tile manufacturers make ceramic products that are just as robust as porcelain. 


Lastly, stone tiles are crafted from slabs of natural rock, making them a popular pick for outdoor patios, commercial settings, and fire hearths. Each stone tile is completely unique with its own sediment patterns, mineral deposits, and textures. Popular stone tiles include marble, granite, slate, travertine, and quartz.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?

Truly, there's a lot to love about tile flooring – wherever you decide to install it. We carry products that are perfect for residential and commercial settings, as well as indoor and outdoor applications. Our selection includes glazed tiles that are augmented with extra slip and stain-resistance for safety in busy, moisture-prone areas. We also carry plenty of wall tiles, shower tiles, and tiling for custom backsplashes


Our Tile Selection

We offer hundreds of premium tiles, with appealing picks for all budgets and styles. Unique tile colors, textures, and visuals can make your floors stand out from the ordinary. We can help you create a custom tile look that will last for generations. 


As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we can offer you the buying power of over a thousand other stores, while providing the friendly and personalized service you expect from a small business. Our top tile brands include Mohawk, Daltile, and Bel Terra, among many other choices. We are also now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment!



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How to Clean Tile



Your new tile will last for decades with minimal effort

on your part. It's easy to keep your floor looking pristine

and beautiful with these simple steps.



Our Tile Warranties



With our competitive product warranties,

enjoy an additional level of worry-free protection

for your recent purchase.



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Types of Tile


We make choosing a new tile floor for your home

easy! Stop by our showroom and check out our

collection of different types of tiles including

ceramic, porcelain, stone, and backsplash tile.

With tile your design options are almost limitless!





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