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Carpet Flooring Store in Fernley, NV

A universal flooring favorite, carpeting is beloved by many for its endless style possibilities, its ability to warm and comfort, and its immense versatility. At Royal Carpet One Floor & Home in Fernley, Nevada, we’re the foremost experts on beautiful carpeting, and it’s always our pleasure to help you discover your personalized carpeting solution, bringing your designer dreams to reality. With hundreds of carpeting styles, brands, colors, and textures represented in our inventory, we promise that there’s the perfect one that’s just right for all your functional needs. Whether those needs include superior stain resistance, a luxurious appearance, or splash and stain forgiveness, we can help you meet your match. And once you’ve found the perfect carpet, we are now accepting Crypto Currency as a form of payment.


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?

Today’s carpeting industry truly offers up something for everyone. Since installing a new carpet in your residential or commercial space represents a significant investment, it’s important to take a long and contemplative look at the room in question. Is your space constantly occupied with small kids and roaming pets? Or perhaps this room is the site of frequent gatherings? Do you suffer from allergies, or are you trying to conserve energy costs? These are all factors to consider when purchasing a new carpet.


Carpet Fibers:


Nylon – A premium synthetic carpet fiber that's considered a top option for durability. It's the same material used for climbing ropes and equipment, and for good reason – nylon fibers are incredibly strong and resilient. Depending on how they're constructed, nylon carpets can also be ultra-soft. However, nylon isn't naturally stain-resistant and typically features a stain treatment to protect from spills and accidents.


Polyester – Generally thought of as an affordable alternative to nylon. While higher-quality polyester fibers are exceptionally tough, it's usually less resilient than nylon. Polyester does have the benefit of naturally repelling water-based stains, and it's quick-drying.


Olefin – Another synthetic fiber that's very budget-friendly. It has highly fade-resistant qualities, so it's a good choice if you want a vibrant, intricately patterned carpet. Like polyester, it can handle water-based stains well, but oil stains pose a problem unless it's been chemically treated for this purpose. Olefin is less wear-resistant than nylon and polyester, so it should be installed in low-traffic spaces.


Triexta – A newer synthetic fiber and a cousin to polyester. However, it performs more like nylon when it comes to wear resistance. Despite its endurance, triexta is typically cheaper than nylon. It also offers the stain-resistant qualities of polyester as well as the ability to dry quickly.


Wool – One of the most popular natural fibers available and valued for its sustainability, softness, and crush resistance. Depending on how it's constructed and treated, wool fibers are known as a healthy choice because they're low-VOC emitting – meaning they don't off-gas dangerous levels of chemicals into your indoor air – and hypoallergenic. Thanks to its curly structure, wool is highly wear and crush-resistant, and it also provides energy-efficient insulation benefits.


Is Carpet Pet-Friendly?

We know that homeowners love the comfort of carpet, and so do their pets! Our pet-friendly carpets feature options that are specially designed to handle the everyday stress pets cause. They feature low pile styles, so the fur does not get trapped in the fibers, and so your pets’ nails do not cause runs. The fibers are also resistant to staining, moisture, and pet odors. That means if Fido has an accident, you don’t have to stress about your guests smelling it every time they come over! You and your pets can play and cuddle on these carpets stress-free! We also want to mention how easy these carpets are to clean!


What are Carpet Remnants

If you’re interested in carpeting a smaller area of your home, carpet remnants are a budget-friendly, easy way to do this. Remnants are the leftover carpet pieces found at the end of our rolls. They’re too small for a full-scale project, so we discount them significantly and keep them available because they’re useful for smaller installations and other purposes. You can use remnants for closets, nurseries, home dens, and other small rooms and spaces. You can also use them to provide a cushioned floor area in playrooms and bedrooms. Additionally, you can have your remnant bound and turned into an affordable area rug, runner, doormat, or stair carpet. You can also use carpet squares to pad pet crates, storage boxes, and to provide a place to kneel and put tools when you’re working around the house. Although they’re significantly discounted, carpet remnants are still high-quality products. Many come from our top luxury carpet collections and have special features like stain and wear resistance. We even have waterproof carpets, along with ultra-soft and stylish options.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpeting can be installed in many different types of spaces, but it’s anything but “one size fits all.” Plush, soft carpets can up the relaxation factor in bedrooms and family rooms, while strong and durable carpets are a smart addition for stairs, entryways, and commercial spaces. One thing to always keep in mind is that generally, carpeting isn’t recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, due to moisture and humidity factors. We also offer the EverGuard protection plan, for those worried about stains and protecting their carpet in the long run.


Our Carpet Selection

We’re proud to be card-carrying members of the world’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores. This gives us the ability to offer all your favorite name brands alongside Carpet One Floor & Home exclusives, including Tigressá®, Relax, it’s… Lees®, and Oath by Resista®. We even offer some waterproof carpet options as a part of our waterproof flooring options. With our competitive pricing, 1,000-store-strong purchasing power, and localized services, we’re proud to be your local authority on all things carpet. Visit us today, and let us guide you throughout the carpeting process, from selection to installation, or start browsing our carpet selection online now.



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How to Clean Carpet Properly


We know you’re hoping for a long and beautiful

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Helping you pick the perfect carpeting match

for your home is just part of our plan. With

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with each carpet purchase, you won’t ever

worry about the “what-if.”



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