• Jun 12, 2017
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Carefree Living

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Contributed By: Linda Mazur

Spring and summer are two of my favorite seasons. Bursts of color are everywhere, accompanied by a breezy, relaxed atmosphere that is reminiscent of summer days at the beach. We know we love this time of year and the feeling it creates, so why not bring this same feeling indoors and add a bit of the breezy, beachy summer feel to our home's décor. 

Creating a breezy, beachy casualness to our home décor can be easier than you may think. Crisp whites, bold pops of colors and carefree layered accessories are the name of the game to create this relaxed look in your home. Lightweight linens are just the thing to replace those heavy winter drapes on your windows. Linen is a fantastic fabric for this time of year as it adds an airiness to our windows, as well as an element of simplicity and texture to your space. Pair it with a great assortment of patterned fabrics and accessories in some of this year’s new color palettes, throw in a bold new piece of artwork and watch your room come alive. Look to perhaps adding crisp white slipcovers to your furniture to further enhance this beachy summer feel. One of my go-to resources for fabrics is Alendel Fabrics. This season sees the launch of eight new fabrics lines that are designed to stir our imagination and perk up our homes. 

Alendel Fabrics

This time of year is about feeling free and easy, about enjoying our homes, the outdoors, and the color and beauty of nature. Make your home décor feel effortless and welcoming by creating this look. It’s all about a laid-back, unrestrained look and feel. A play on textures, white-washed worn woods, crisp airy linens, soft whites and neutral surrounds with bold pops of colors and strategically placed accessories to create the illusion of a carefree living space. So, go ahead and introduce color and texture in to your home, layer up your accessories for a casual feel and then sit back, relax and enjoy your new surroundings just as much as you will be enjoying the outdoors.

Linda Mazur is the Principal Designer of Linda Mazur Design Group

Linda Mazur Design Group a sought out multi-disciplinary interior design firm known for providing innovative interior renovations and full scale build projects that reflect both timeless style and optimal functionality. The firm services clients throughout Canada based in Toronto. @LindaMazurGroup

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